Marketing Agencies Research Study 2017
The research study is led by Business Marketing World and DevriX, targeting marketing agencies and companies offering marketing services to clients. We are interviewing several hundred organizations around the world and will publish the study results in an effort to explain the broad digital marketing ecosystem.

You should be able to fill out the form in 15-20 minutes. We would present the results by the end of June and pitch the high-end review to some of our large media partners.
Company name

When was the company founded? *

Where is the company located? *

Where has the company been registered or where is the main office
What is your annual revenue (won't be shared)

The revenue would be used as an aggregate for the total market share volume from all respondents. Numeric response in USD.
How many employees are heavily involved in marketing?

Including managers, assistants, data scientists, account reps and other required roles for your business model
What portion of your business solutions are marketing packages and services? *

What are the main marketing services offered to your clients? *

Do you offer web design/development, or delegate that to a web agency? *

Do you partner up with other agencies for marketing-related activities?

If so, which of your services are delegated to 3rd parties?
Do you specialize in a target market or serve a wide range of verticals? *

Which is the main industry that you serve?

What industry represents the largest number of clients over the years?
What percentage of your work is ongoing marketing services? *

Recurring packages or retainer plans as compared to one-time solutions

What is the minimum price for marketing services that you offer?

The lowest cost for a marketing service sold to clients - in USD
What is the top price or range to date for your marketing services?

The highest amount sold to a client - as a one-time fee or a total retainer amount over time in USD
What is your unique competitive advantage?

What is the main reason clients choose you? A unique service you offer, an affordable plan, a tempting package?
Are there any indispensable tools that your marketing team relies on?

Google Analytics, SEMrush, Moz, Ahrefs, a social media management tool, CRM, marketing automation platform, email management solution etc.
What are the most time-consuming and complex services that you provide?

Think of marketing strategy, analyzing data, content planning or any other activities that require expert activities and high-end strategy before implementing
What are the most important KPIs that you track for your customers?

Traffic growth, conversion rates, churn rates, email subscribers, CTR or any other metrics that matter to you?
What is the main focus on your agency over the next 2 years?

What is your main business goal in terms of your staff, growing your customer base, extending the range of your services or adjust your business model?
Thank you for filling out our research study. We will present the results by the end of June and send you an email if you have shared it with us.

The first batches would go live on Business Marketing World and DevriX and pitched to several outlets that we work with.

Please share the survey and help us compile invaluable data from a larger pool of service providers.
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